How Blue Senate is Different

Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) founded Blue Senate to help Democratic challengers flip the Senate blue – and we did! In the 2020 cycle, Blue Senate PAC raised $1.5 million in grassroots contributions to help Democratic candidates across the country win tough races against entrenched Republican incumbents and flip the U.S. Senate blue.

The Blue Senate campaign aims to change the direction of our country for the better. Jeff is focused on key swing Senate races that could change the balance of power. With a 50/50 Senate, we can’t lose a single seat and must help the Democratic challengers taking on Republicans in states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Florida.

Blue Senate is a different kind of PAC. Unlike superPACs and dark money groups, Blue Senate is raising grassroots dollars directly into Democratic candidate’s campaigns. There are no DC-based consultants deciding where to run ads or what the message should be. The money is split evenly between all of the candidates so if one candidate does well, everyone benefits. This is especially helpful for lesser-known candidates that don’t have the fame or fundraising networks but can win if they get the resources they need.

Blue Senate is working with Democratic candidates to raise grassroots contributions that go directly to their campaigns, not some DC-run SuperPAC. Why is this type of direct grassroots fundraising important? Because candidates and their campaigns are in the best position to fight back against Mitch’s network of dark money outside groups. Not only do campaigns know how to win better than a DC consulting shop, the campaigns receive the cheapest ad rates on TV and radio.  For every dollar a Democratic candidate spends, it takes a Koch-funded SuperPAC 2-3 dollars to match.

Help Jeff and the Blue Senate campaign protect our narrow blue Senate majority and keep Mitch McConnell in the minority!

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