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Donations to the Blue Senate Candidate Fund will be automatically split between the Democrats we need to expand our Blue majority in the Senate.

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Expand Our Senate Majority and Keep Mitch McConnell in the Minority

The Koch Brothers and Mitch McConnell’s network of dark money SuperPACs spent $767,528,585 in 2020 trying to keep the Republican Senate majority. And they failed. Because of you. They will spend just as much money running brutal negative attack ads against our Democratic incumbents and candidates to end our blue majority in 2022. The only way to fight back is by building a grassroots movement of Americans chipping in $5, $10, $15 at a time directly to Democratic candidates in key swing Senate seats.

Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) founded Blue Senate to raise money – $1.5m in grassroots contributions – directly for those Senate candidates and flip the Senate in 2020. He defeated an incumbent Republican Senator in 2008 with the help of grassroots supporters all over the country and knows first-hand how important that support is to fight back against Republican dark money.

Blue Senate Incumbents

Mark Kelly


Mark Kelly

Raphael Warnock


Raphael Warnock

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto


Senator Catherine Cortez Masto

Maggie Hassan

New Hampshire

Maggie Hassan

Blue Senate Challengers

50 seats in the Senate is not enough to pass the progressive agenda Americans deserve. We must expand our Senate majority in 2022. Stay tuned for more on these races and ways for your to help flip them from red to blue!

Val Demings


Tim Ryan


Cheri Beasley

North Carolina

John Fetterman


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